Arnold Schwarzenegger will try to protect Maggie from Zombies

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Even though it seems most people didn’t bother, my curiosity got the best of me and I went ahead and gave THE LAST STAND  viewing on Blu-ray.  Much to my surprise, I enjoyed all of the parts with Arnold Schwarzenegger.  If I had a complaint about the film, it was that we just didn’t get enough Auhnuld and the film tried too hard to be something it wasn’t.  So as Arnold Schwarzenegger continues to try and reestablish himself as an action star, I’m curious as to whether or not he’s going to take movies where he’s clearly the star or if he’ll pick films where he gets to share the load.  Between ESCAPE PLAN, SABOTAGE, TERMINATOR 5, possibly THE TOXIC AVENGER and THE EXPENDABLES 3, it kind of feels like he’s okay playing the co-star role.

And it feels like more of the same as the Austrian born actor is set to lead the film MAGGIE, about a man that nurses his daughter after she becomes infected during a zombie apocalypse.  The Black Listed script was written by John Scott 3 (yes, he has a number at the end of his name) and will be directed by commercial veteran Henry Hobson with production starting in the fall.  Chloe Grace Moretz was slated to play the titular character for the longest time, but she has since dropped out. (Variety)

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