Arnold Schwarzenegger says that his next film Breacher is "like a new Predator"

Arnold Schwarzenegger

If you read that title and scratched your head a little, then please allow me to elaborate. Arnold Schwarzenegger is getting ready to shoot his next film BREACHER with director David Ayer and during an interview he gave some thoughts and comparisons for the film. Arnold Schwarzenegger said, “BREACHER, especially, will be very like a new PREDATOR. It’s a team around me and they get knocked off until there’s only me left. Except in this case there will be a different twist to the whole thing instead of some alien monster… I think that PREDATOR, when I look back at it, was a very appealing kind of a movie. It was also good that I was not the only star of it. I mean, I was the star of it because at the end the focus goes to me, but you can let other people shine too – give them screen time and not be in every scene. So I think that’s what I like about BREACHER and the way it’s written. But it is a great character, an extremely interesting character and very well written. David Ayers is really talented.” That’s pretty high praise from Arnold Schwarzenegger considering that PREDATOR is almost as popular as his other franchise TERMINATOR. It’ll be interesting to see if BREACHER gathers the same kind of fan base, though I doubt it because an alien hunter is just extremely entertaining to watch.

BREACHER follows an elite DEA task force that robs a drug cartel’s safe house and afterwards each of the team members get picked off one-by-one. Alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger, BREACHER stars: Joe Manganiello, Sam Worthington, Terrence Howard, Olivia Williams, Dawn Olivieri, Malin Akerman, Mirielle Enos and Josh Holloway. Shooting is set to start next month with a release sometime next year. (Empire)

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