Arnold Schwarzenegger's next project may be Cry Macho

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

Ever since former governor Arnold Schwarzenegger left office all we’ve heard is which movies he may or may not do. Yesterday it was a reviving of the TERMINATOR franchise with Justin Lin, previously it was a cartoon turned movie of THE GOVERNATOR and there were even mentions of THE TOMB and LAST STAND. Now we hear he has picked his next project called CRY MACHO which should start shooting this summer. The film follows a a horse-trainer who is pretty much forced into retirement by his boss. In exchange for some retirement money, the boss wants Ahnuld to kidnap his 11-year old son from his rich ex-wife, however things go awry when it’s discovered that the wife wants to unload her juvenile delinquent anyway. The film is based on a novel from N. Richard Nash and previously had Clint Eastwood attached to star. Looks like it will get a new life if the script can get some financing at the Cannes Film Festival. Stay tuned for developments.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Source: Vulture

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