Arrested Development will get 13 new episodes instead of 10

Arrested Development 2

It’s been a long wait for fans of the too-soon canceled television show ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT as there has been talk of a fourth season coming to Netflix next year as well as a new movie that’s in development. It feels like we’ve been waiting forever to see the Bluth family and all their shenanigans, but there’s good news on the horizon. It’s been confirmed by David Cross (who plays the dimwitted Tobias) in an interview that the new season will have not ten but thirteen episodes for fans to enjoy. Cross said in an interview, “I think it’s going to be 13 episodes, not 10. There’s too much story. Some characters will have two-parters. Everybody sort of participates, sometimes in a bigger way and sometimes in a tiny little thread that goes through everybody else’s stories.” Um, this might be the best television related news I’ve heard in a long time.

All the cast of ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT will be returning for the fourth season and will star: Jason Bateman, David Cross, Portia de Rossi, Michael Cera, Will Arnett, Alia Shawkat, Tony Hale, Jeffrey Tambor and Jessica Walter. Expect to see ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT season four on Netflix sometime in 2013. (Rolling Stone)

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