Ashley Greene, Christopher Walken and Shirley MacLaine get ready to enter the Boom Boom Room

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

Australian filmmaker Lian Lunson is headed to New Mexico for her debut feature film with the awkward-titled drama BOOM BOOM ROOM.  To help her in her journey, she’s enlisted the help of Ashley Greene, Christopher Walken, Shirley MacLaine and Adam Beach.  Along with those stars, Bono and director Wim Wenders will be on board as producers.  Lunson gained notoriety after directing the Leonard Cohen documentary I’M YOUR MAN.  This film is set in New Mexico and features a young girl (Greene) show sets out to unravel family mysteries, only to find a couple of retired Vaudeville stars (Walken and MacLaine).  While speaking to the Playlist, Lunson described it as:

In the California desert, in a mystical and magical town, live the once great Vaudeville stars, Dixie Meade and Jimmy Riggs.  They have long awaited the return of the baby girl they were forced to give up to find her way back to them.

One day, Adeline Winter, a mysterious and beautiful girl, appears.  She is not the girl for whom they were waiting, but their lives and hers will be inexorably intertwined and changed forever.

Gold dust, Dancing Girls, and Long-haired Indians will all collide with this family in search of redemption, salvation and each other. A fairytale world provides the landscape and THE BOOM BOOM ROOM with a heartbeat.  A story of miracles, love and the belief in all that is good gives hope to all who journey into this magical world of wonderment.

So there you go.  It sounds…interesting?  If nothing else, it will give Christopher Walken a role he can really get into and Ashley Greene a chance to put the Twilight days behind her.

Ashley Greene

Source: The Playlist

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