Avatar wins Best Drama, Jeff Bridges takes home Best Actor at the Golden Globes

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

The 67th Annual Golden Globes commenced yesterday evening and perhaps gave a peek at what March’s Oscars will hold in store.  If Sunday was any indication, the Oscars are going to be blue, as in, AVATAR blue.  The 3D adventure took home Best Drama while the insanely popular THE HANGOVER took home Best Comedy or Musical.

On the acting front, the Dude won Best Actor in a Drama and hopefully, this will get Jeff Bridges the other golden statuette that’s been eluding him.  He’s done so many high quality films over the past 15 years that’d it be nice to see that rewarded.  Robert Downey Jr. won Best Actor in a Comedy or Musical for SHERLOCK HOLMES, which for all intent and purposes was a British Tony Stark.  But it’s RDJ, so I don’t think anyone will complain.

As for actresses, Sandra Bullock continued her return to glory with a win for Best Actress in a Drama for her work in THE BLIND SIDE while Meryl Streep continued her dominance with another Best Actress in a Comedy or Musical with JULIE AND JULIA.

Overall, it was a fun telecast and I was happy to see AVATAR pick up some awards.  I was even happy to see James Cameron win Best Director.  Surprisingly, THE HURT LOCKER was shut out and aside from Best Screenplay, UP IN THE AIR was relatively quiet.  It looks like the Oscar race might not be as close as everyone thought it was.

Source: Golden Globes

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