Aziz Ansari to star in 30 Minutes or Less

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

Aziz Ansari is showing up everywhere these days; he’s been in ‘Scrubs’, OBSERVE AND REPORT, FUNNY PEOPLE, ‘Parks and Recreation’ just to name a few.  But I remember him as the Australian-hater in ‘Flight of the Concords’.  He’s a funny guy, but sometimes he falls into the trap that a lot of comedians fall into in that he takes roles that don’t allow him to play to his strengths.  But he’s getting a big break as he’s signed on to headline the upcoming comedy 30 MINUTES OR LESS.  Danny McBride is rumored to be joining the film that follows a history teacher (Ansari) and a pizza delivery driver that team up to rob a bank when one of them is strapped to a bomb vest.

Ruben Fleischer is on board to direct the film, which will mark his follow-up to the great ZOMBIELAND.  Ben Stiller and Stuart Cornfield are producing.

Aziz Ansari

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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