Banshee Season Three Blu-ray Review

Next time I visit friends back east remind me to steer clear of Banshee, Pennsylvania.

For the last two seasons it’s been a violent place, full of corruption and death; a place where the town sheriff isn’t who he says he is, the mayor’s wife is leading a double life and the baddest guy in town is estranged from his Pennsylvania Dutch/Amish family.  Ironically, as season three shows us, the last two years haven’t been all bad.

Banshee season 3

To bring readers up to speed:  A man whose name we have yet to learn stops in a bar run by an old friend in Banshee.  He’s just spent 15-years in prison for stealing $15 million in diamonds.  His accomplice was his lady love, who just happened to be the daughter of the mob boss he worked for.  Inside the bar is Lucas Hood, just arrived in town to take over as the new sheriff.  Also inside are two men who try to rob the bar.  They are killed, as is the new sheriff.  Discovering that no-one in Banshee has met the lawman, the ex-con assumes his identity.  He finds his old gal pal who is now married to the town’s mayor and his two children.  As “Sheriff” Hood makes his way around town he learns about Kai Proctor, the former Amish who now runs the local strip club.  Got it?

Banshee season 3

Season three begins with Hood (Starr) contemplating how his life would be if the real sheriff hadn’t been killed.  He has left his former girlfriend Carrie (Milicevic) and is now dating a fellow officer.  Things begin to go south when a former adversary, the imposing Chayton Littlestone (Geno Segers) has returned.  A member of the local Kinaho tribe, Chayton has decided that the time has come to fight for what his tribal gang believes in.  Meanwhile, Proctor (Thomsen) is grooming his niece Rebecca (Lili Simmons), who has also been cast out of the congregation for her wicked ways.  That he is grooming her to be a drug dealer seems perfectly in line in Kai’s world.

Banshee season 3

Of course, things never go smoothly in Banshee and this season is no exception.  Things explode, people die and secrets are revealed.  One of the highlights is a daring robbery pulled by Hood, Carrie, Job (the amazing Hoon Lee) and Sugar (Frankie Faison).  With each character wearing a Go-Pro camera, as well as other cameras set up to help them with the heist, the robbery is a dizzying adventure as the action jumps beautifully from one camera to another.  Another is the hour’s long shoot-out between Chayton’s gang and the local police.  I’ve never watched HBO’s “Game of Thrones,” but as much as I’ve heard about the violence in the show, there is no way it is as violent as “Banshee.”  From twisting knife wounds to shotgun blasts to the face, there is no shortage of bloodshed.  Familiar faces die as new faces come into town.  If you’re looking for excitement, then a visit to Banshee, Pennsylvania is in order.  As for me, I’m heading to Pittsburgh.


Video:  Presented in its original 1.78:1 aspect ratio, this series has never disappointed visually.  With the majority of the season’s action taking place outdoors, the images are clear and sharp.  Even the multi-camera heist is beautifully presented.

Audio:  The soundtrack is in DTS HD Master Audio 5.1 and beautifully mixed.  Even during the loudest explosions or exchanges of gunfire the spoken word is clearly heard.

This four-disc set is packed with a great assortment of extras.

Disc One

Banshee Origins (24:25): Eight short films used to promote the upcoming season.

Banshee Origins Saga (54:33): Features an optional commentary with Executive Producer and Director Greg Yaitanes and Post-Production Producer Allen Marshall Palmer.

Making of the Episode 2 Title Sequence (1:49):  Each title sequence gives clues to the story about to be told.

Zoomed In (3:41): Short EPKs for the episodes on this disc.

Episode 2 Deleted Scene (00:28)

Audio Commentary on Episode 1 “The Fire Trials” with the series’ Creator, Writer and Executive Producer Jonathan Tropper and Executive Producer and Director) Greg Yaitanes

Banshee season 3

Disc Two

Burton vs. Nola Stunts (3:49)

Burton vs. Nola Camera Movement (00:53):  A short clip on how the show in question was achieved.

Zoomed In (6:51): Covers the episodes on this disc.

 Audio Commentaries:

Episode 3 “A Fixer of Sorts,” with Director Magnus Martens and Stunt Coordinator Marcus Young

Episode 5 “Tribal,” with Director OC Madsen and Post-Production Producer Allen Marshall Palmer

Disc Three

The Heist (20:10):  Allows the viewer to choose various camera angles to relive the amazingly choreographed heist.

Zoomed In (6:51): Covers the episodes on this disc.

Deleted Scenes (5:11)

Audio Commentary on Episode 7, “You Can’t Hide From the Dead,” with EP and Director Greg Yaitanes, Editor John Valerio and Costume Designer Patia Prouty

Disc Four

Genoa Rehearsal (4:50), Episode 10 – Zoomed In (2:22), Episode 9 – Deleted Scene (1:44), Sins Promo (1:11)

Audio Commentary on Episode 10 “We All Pay Eventually,” with Jonathan Tropper, Co-Executive Producer and Director Loni Peristere and Co-Executive Producer and Writer Adam Targum.


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