Barbara Streisand may star in Gypsy

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

Warner Bros. is working on doing a film adaptation of the Broadway musical GYPSY, and is it really any surprise that Barbara Streisand is up for a role? When I think of Ms. Streisand I don’t necessarily associate her with film, I think of her belting out some song in front of a huge audience. So really putting her in the lead role of this classic musical seems like an obvious choice to me. Right now she is in the early negotiation phase of the project and there isn’t even a writer or director attached yet.  In fact, the only person that seems to be completely committed is producer Joel Silver.

The original 1962 film of GYPSY as well as the play follows a young burlesque dancer and the relationship with her mother, Rose (this is the role Streisand would play).  I didn’t realize this, but the role of the mother in this play is what our popular concept of “stage mom” comes from, interesting.

Barbara Streisand

Source:The Hollywood Reporter

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