Baz Luhrmann may bring The Great Gatsby to theaters in 3D

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

Baz Luhrmann, one of the great directors of this generation (and on my personal top five directors of all time) is debating whether or not to bring THE GREAT GATSBY to audiences in 3D. Mr. Luhrmann is a fan of the 3D technology but has been warned by another great director, you may have heard of him, Oliver Stone to not take the decision lightly.  Here’s what Stone has to say about 3D technology and the budgets required to pull them off, “Don’t shoot a 3D movie unless you can afford it, otherwise you are putting yourself under enormous pressure.” Wise words Mr. Stone, the world doesn’t need anymore junk like JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH.

There was also discussion about the advancements of home video viewing in the form of Blu-ray technology, Mr. Luhrmann had a bit to say about that as well:

“The power of Blu-ray is so great, you have to be a bit conscious about misusing it,” he said, noting that with the increased resolution, more details are visible and therefore more choices are available in the restoring and remastering processes. “Are you trying to recreate from your memory? There are a whole lot of new question that powerful technology brings.”

I wish more studios and directors took the Blu-ray format as seriously as Baz Luhrmann.  It really is an amazing feat of technology and I for one am happy to be in the generation that gets to witness it’s birth and rise.

Baz Luhrmann

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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