Before We Go Blu-ray Review

Although we all know him as Captain America these days, Chris Evans wasn’t always Marvel’s golden boy. Before he donned the shield, he actually turned in some impressive performances in some independent, low key films like LONDON and PUNCTURE. So it makes sense that he would choose a simple, character based film for his directorial debut. BEFORE WE GO probably won’t win any awards and no one is going to use this as sign Evans is ready to give up acting and become a director, but it’s a quality film with two interesting leads.

Chris Evans, Alice Eve in Before We Go

Nick (Evans) is a musician in town to audition for a coveted spot in a jazz band. While practicing his craft in the middle of the night at Grand Central Station, he meets Brooke (Eve). Brooke had her purse stolen earlier in the night and is in desperate need to get home to Boston before morning, but without money or identification, her options are limited. Nick takes pity on her situation and eager to avoid meeting up with his friends, he decides to help Brooke find a way back home. But as the night progresses, the two encounter several obstacles that make them question their motives and address the connection that’s building between them.

Chris Evans, Alice Eve in Before We Go

Simplicity is the name of the game with BEFORE WE GO. The reality of the film is that you feel like everything they go through is something logical and understandable, so you’re never left rolling your eyes or questioning their decision making. That’s a key aspect of the film because movies with such a small focus can lose the audience quickly if they take a wrong turn. Evans was wise to keep the focus on the two characters and their dialogue and not get distracted with what they were actually doing.

I hate to make the comparison, but BEFORE WE GO reminds me of the BEFORE SUNRISE films in which we focus on two attractive people and watch as they grow closer together. The fact that Nick and Brooke have a goal throughout the night gives the movie a little more purpose, but I think fans of the Sunrise trilogy will appreciate what Evans was trying to do with BEFORE WE GO. Setting the film at night in New York City was also a nice touch as the city setting was almost like a third character.

Chris Evans, Alice Eve in Before We Go

I’ve always enjoyed movies that focus on how people meet and how their relationship grows over a period of time. I liked seeing Nick and Brooke come together and I liked the slow unraveling of their true motives and what they were dealing with. Again, nothing was unbelievable or even special about their situation, but that’s really what kept the film together. It also helped that Chris Evans and Alice Eve seemed to have a great chemistry together and that blossomed as the film went on.

BEFORE WE GO isn’t for everyone and people expecting to see CAPTAIN AMERICAN 4 aren’t going to be pleased. But it’s an intimate look at two strangers spending a night together in New York City that featured good dialogue and interesting characters.


Video: BEFORE WE GO is clearly a smaller budget film and the night setting made for an uneasy transfer.

Audio: The audio was fine.

A Conversation with Director Chris Evans (3:30): Chris Evans seems like a good guy and always comes across as honest and genuine, which makes the lack of supplements on this disc a little frustrating. If this three minute discussion is any indication, we really missed out with him not doing a commentary.


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