Ben Affleck goes back to the 70s with Alan Arkin in these set photos from Argo

Posted by: Zack Bruce

What’s the first thing that I think of when I see Ben Affleck on the set of his new film, ARGO? Two words: Fred O’Bannion.

DAZED AND CONFUSED will be in my heart forever no matter how uncool O’Bannion was. ARGO is pretty far in subject matter from DAZED. Affleck directs them film which centers on the 1979 Iran hostage crisis. Alan Arkin co-stars as you can see in these first photos from the set. There’s not much to discuss here. Both actors are in their 70s threads.

Synopsis:  Ben Affleck plays a C.I.A. agent trying to extract a group of diplomats from the home of a Canadian ambassador by pretending that they were part of a crew filming a Hollywood movie. Arkin plays Lester Siegel, a former spy and current movie producer, who helps to legitimize the fake movie.

Argo set

Argo set

Source: IndieWire, CelebBuzz

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