Ben Affleck, Kevin Costner and Maria Bello in The Company Men trailer

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

The long overdue and glorious return of Ben Affleck is officially underway.  After wowing me with the trailer for his latest directorial effort, THE TOWN, The Afflecknator is back again starring in the film THE COMPANY MEN.  Although technically the second trailer, this trailer is much, much better than the aspect-distorted trailer we saw several months ago.  Plus, now we learn a little more about the plot.  In the film, Affleck play a successful businessman, who along with two other guys, gets laid off from his job.  Struggling to land on his feet, he ends up working part time construction for his brother in-law until something comes along.

For any of us that make a living “working for the man”, this movie will hit pretty close to home.  The film stars Ben Affleck, Kevin Costner, Tommy Lee Jones, Chris Cooper, Maria Bello, Craig T. Nelon and Rosemarie DeWitt.  John Wells wrote the script and is directing for an October 22nd release date.  Watch the trailer here.

Tommy Lee Jones and Ben Affleck in The Company Men

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