Ben Affleck is set to star in The Accountant

Ben Affleck is definitely the man of the hour right now. He has GONE GIRL hitting theaters in a couple of days, for which he’s received positive reviews so far. He of course has BATMAN VS SUPERMAN coming in 2016 and even though fans didn’t react positively to his casting as Batman, they’re at least talking about it and seem to be anxious to see what he’ll do with the role. He also has his next directorial project lined up in LIVE BY NIGHT, which starts shooting next July.

If that wasn’t enough, he is now set to star in the Blacklist script, THE ACCOUNTANT. The film was once a vehicle for Mel Gibson and then later for Will Smith, but now it looks like Ben Affleck will take on the role which will feature him as a man that’s an accountant by day and an assassin by night. If everything pans out, Gavin O’Connor (WARRIOR) will be directing for Warner Bros. It’s way too early to make any snap judgments, but I’m not too thrilled about another assassin film. We’ll have to see what direction Affleck and O’Connor take it if they end up signing on the dotted line. (Variety)

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