Ben Affleck will direct an English language remake of Tell No One

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

I will sheepishly admit that I have yet to see Guillaume Canet’s 2008 French film TELL NO ONE, but the film was generally loved by fans and critics alike and was a huge box office success in France.  So it’s only natural that an American director would pacify lazy audiences adverse to subtitles and do an English language remake.  This time, the director is not David Fincher, but none other than Ben Affleck, who will make this his next film after he finishes ARGO.

The film is about a doctor whose wife was brutally murdered eight years ago and was the prime suspect.  The case is reopened when the police discover some new evidence and things get weird when the doctor receives an email from his supposedly dead wife.  The original film starred Francois Cluzet, Kristin Scott Thomas, marie-Josee Croe and Andre Dussollier.  It’s doubtful any of the original cast would return, but you never know what Affleck has up his sleeve.

Ben Affleck

Source: Deadline

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