Ben Affleck will write and direct the adaptation of Stephen King's The Stand

Posted by: Zack Bruce

Is it bad that I’ve never read any of Stephen King’s books? All the King I’ve ever had access to was on the big and small screen. Most of his work has been adapted and Hollywood is still taking what stories the author has left.

One King property that is moving quickly is THE STAND. The story is a post apocalyptic one set after a plane crash with the survivors having to manage after the fallout. This will not be easy material to adapt. There are three different parts with several different characters in each. Back in 1994, it was adapted into a mini-series that was played on ABC starring Gary Sinise, Molly Ringwald, Rob Lowe, and several others.

It looks like Warner Brothers has finally settled on someone to take care of this huge project. Ben Affleck will write and direct the adaptation for the big screen. It’s certainly an interesting choice and with Affleck in the director’s chair there will definitely be interest from some big names.

Ben Affleck

Source: Deadline

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