Ben Stiller, Sean Penn and Adam Scott star in the new trailer for The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Ben Stiller in The Secret Life of Walter Mitty trailer

When the first trailer for THE SECRET LIFE OF WALTER MITTY hit, almost everyone was hailing it as an Oscar favorite.  I’ll admit, that I was fully on the bandwagon as I thought the film showed a lot of promise.  And even with this second trailer, I can’t help but be excited for the film.  It looks like it has a perfect blend of heart, humor and drama to make a decent run during awards season.  But with the film’s recent premiere, my expectations were lowered a bit as the film drew a lot of mixed reactions from critics.  That doesn’t mean the film can’t pull an EXTREMELY LOUD AND INCREDIBLY CLOSE and sneak in a nomination, but it’s unlikely it will be the awards juggernaut that some were hoping for.  Either way, check out the new trailer and see for yourself.  THE SECRET LIFE OF WALTER MITTY stars Ben Stiller, Kristen Wiig, Shirley MacLaine, Katheryn Hahn, Adam Scott, Patton Oswalt, Adrian Martinez, Joey Slotnick and Sean Penn. Ben Stiller is also directing the comedy adventure that is slated to hit theaters Christmas Day.

THE SECRET LIFE OF WALTER MITTY is actually a remake of the 1974 musical starring Danny Kaye. In the updated, non musical version of the film, Ben Stiller plays Walter Mitty, a photo editor at LIFE magazine who gets made fun of by his friends and coworkers because he spends his time daydreaming. That also makes it hard for him to get close to the woman he longs for (Kristen Wiig). His constant daydreaming inspires him to go on a series of quests to locate a missing image taken by a reclusive photographer (Sean Penn), but in fact, his journey leads him to find himself instead.

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