Benedict Cumberbatch is Doctor Strange!

The casting for Marvel’s DOCTOR STRANGE has been one of the strangest casting processes we’ve seen in recent memory. For the longest time, it looked like Joaquin Phoenix was going to get the gig, then we had to sit through a host of other rumors with just about every A-list actor around being rumored for the part, including Johnny Depp, Keanu Reeves, Jared Leto, Colin Farrell and Oscar Isaac. But one name that wouldn’t go away was Benedict Cumberbatch and today, we get official word he has signed on to play Dr. Strange in Marvel’s film. Cumberbatch is usually involved with rumors for just about every tentpole and many of us thought he was a surefire bet to have a part in STAR WARS, but it looks like Disney threw us a curveball and had bigger plans for the fan favorite.

We already knew Scott Derrickson was going to direct and we know the film will open on July 8th, 2016 and now with Benedict Cumberbatch signed on to play the lead, expect more casting announcements to happen soon. Between this and ANT MAN, Marvel is setting themselves up well for life post Phase-2. (Deadline)

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