Benicio Del Toro still in the running for The Three Stooges

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

According to Peter Farrelly, Benicio Del Toro is still in contention to portray Moe in THE THREE STOOGES film. Who knows whether or not he still wants the gig but we do know this, there’s a good chance he’s still going to have to audition (if he hasn’t already). Peter Farrelly made this statement:

The problem is that everybody’s gotta read for the part. Our feeling is that it just can’t be your take on Moe. It’s gotta be Moe. Someone could nail Curly’s mannerisms, but if you’re 130 pounds it probably wouldn’t work.

That statement pretty much squashes all rumors that had or will be flying around.  But seriously, they better start finding someone soon because filming is set to start this spring. It was supposed to start mid-March but has been delayed again.  And who knows how long the studio is going to wait around for the Farrelly’s to find the perfect Larry, Moe and Curly.

I think it would be a bad idea for Benicio Del Toro to take this project. It was great when Sean Penn and Jim Carrey were attached, but even though I like him as an actor Del Toro can’t really carry a film all by himself, he really needs someone stronger to play on.

Benicio Del Toro

Source: The Providence Journal

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