Best Night Ever Blu-Ray Review

BRIDESMAIDS was triumphantly touted as the movie that showcased Kristen Wiig’s writing abilities, the comedic timing of multiple actresses and shattering the universally assumed fact that women aren’t funny. Since that movie and multiple others, we’ve learned that women are funny and we do want to see females in lead roles. Instead of taking a step forward BEST NIGHT EVER retreats and takes a couple of quick paced steps backwards.

Best Night Ever

If the names Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer look familiar, they’re the same troublesome two who created a string of parodies that have gone down as some of the most hated films of the past decade (DATE MOVIE, MEET THE SPARTANS, EPIC MOVIE). Instead of a humorless spoof, they’ve put together a blatant rip-off of THE HANGOVER. The tagline even states, “The hangover will be the easy part.” With that said, BEST NIGHT EVER, shouldn’t be upset when it draws comparisons to a much better movie.

Best Night Ever

For example, instead of three male friends and the awkward guy that tags along, we have four girls with one admitting that she came in the hopes of making friends. There’s Claire (Hall) who’s about to be married, then there’s her uptight sister Leslie (Colburn), also her spontaneous free spirited friend Zoe (Ritchard) and the lactating mom hoping to make friends, Janet (Crista Flanagan). And of course they’re celebrating in Las Vegas where things gradually go from bad to worse. I won’t bother with you with the other things on the neverending list of stolen ideas from THE HANGOVER, but you can take my word that there’s no memorable one liners and laugh out loud moments.

Best Night Ever

Some decent comedic set-ups are in this, but the timing and presentation never warrant laughter. There’s no charm behind any of our characters and their personalities never leapt up off the paper they were typed on. While most of the performances were wooden, Flanagan, seems to only one ready to hop in the skin of her role. She seems more than ready when the scripts calls for Janet wrestle in jello with a much stronger and bigger breasted woman who’s ready to rip her head off.

BEST NIGHT EVER is shot from the handycam of on our leads and like most handycam movies you have to question why they would bother continue filming or why some places of business they’re in would allow filming, like a strip club. Even then, the angles and editing would imply that not every shot is from their personal recordings unless there was a magical fifth person capturing all four in a shot. Even when trying something new for their film catalogue, Friedberg and Seltzer fail to materialize anything close to the style they’re ripping off.

Best Night Ever

BEST NIGHT EVER isn’t like their typical unwatchable mess. During most of their movies, your finger will linger over the eject button in the first five minutes, but this time it’s mildly intriguing to see where their misadventures where go, albeit nowhere. I even give credit to the notion of filming our actresses in character performing bachelorette stunts on real people on the streets. While none of the stunts are funny, it’s a nice break from their repugnantly written jokes. Friedberg and Seltzer have added another feather to their cap of unfunny comedies. Reflecting back on BEST NIGHT EVER, it’s ironic our four leads end up in the trash at some point.


Video: (1080p HD 16X9 1:78:1) So I guess these gals own an HD camera that sometimes switches to homemade quality. No qualms with the picture presentation, but it’s visually distracting when the quality changes without reason.

Audio: (English 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio) No problems with the audio although whoever mixed it didn’t account for the fact we’re suppose to be watching…

Deleted Scenes (7:13): Only three scenes. Only one appears to actually be deleted while the others appear to be alternative ideas to previous scenes. Just like the movie, none of these are funny.

Interviews (8:53): Three single shot interviews with…This is horrendously boring because it lingers on these actresses the entire shot without any cuts or editing. Utterly useless information about their repugnant characters.

AXS TV: A Look at BEST NIGHT EVER (2:54): This is a combination of the interviews and movie scenes. This feels like an unwatched Youtube extra that no one will find interesting.

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