Beyoncé will star in Clint Eastwood's remake of A Star is Born

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

Am I excited about Clint Eastwood making a musical?  You bet I am!  Am I happy to see that he has chosen Beyoncé to play the upcoming starlet? Not so much, but really she doesn’t have as much acting competition in the music industry as her male counterparts do. Clint is on board to direct what will be the fourth version of this classic musical about an older star turned alcoholic who crosses paths with an up and coming starlett. You know that if Mr. Eastwood is attached it will be good because when he has a good script, he is really unstoppable.  So now the question remains as to who should star opposite Beyoncé, who could do the part justice?  Production should begin sometime in the fall.

I love, love, love the musical genre so I’m ecstatic that a veteran filmmaker like Clint Eastwood is taking it on.  Before you know it all of our classic musicals may get a chance be to reborn.  Exciting times!


Source: Deadline

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