The Big Sick Blu-ray Review

It must be hard to be a Muslim comedian.  Kumail (Nanjiani) is learning the hard way one night when he gets an enthusiastic “woo!” from a young lady in the audience.  Explaining that even being positive is considered heckling, he later approaches the young lady and learns her name is Emily (Kazan).  They go back to his place, one thing leads to another and things go well until she needs to call her Uber driver and Kumail’s phone rings.  Thus begin one of the more original romantic comedies to come down the pike in some time.

Kumail Nanjiani, Zoe Kazan in The Big Sick

Based in part on a true story, “The Big Sick” takes a look at how love is perceived in different cultures.  Kumail wants to find it on his own, and he thinks he may have with Emily.  However, his parents are very old-world and insist that he marry a Pakistani woman, going so far as to arrange many dates with would be daughter-in-laws.  Tired of Kumail hiding their relationship from his parents, Emily storms out one night, only to suddenly take ill and be rushed to the hospital.  Arriving at the emergency room, Kumail (though he is not related to Emily and, technically, not even her boyfriend anymore) is asked to sign paperwork to put Emily into a medically induced coma.  Things get worse when Emily’s parents (Hunter and Ray Romano) show up.  They know that Kumail and Emily have broken up and his presence at the hospital is at first upsetting.  But as the day’s stretch into each other, they begin to understand the love Kumail has for their daughter.

Kumail Nanjiani, Zoe Kazan in The Big Sick

I have so much admiration for Judd Apatow, who has taken so many young writers under his wing and given them the encouragement they need to write films.  Actors like Jason Segel, Seth Rogen and Amy Schumer have become huge stars thanks in part to Apatow’s support.  The same goes here for Nanjiani.  The film is laugh-out-loud funny in spots, with many of the jokes hitting home during discussions of Muslims and their culture.  When Kumail is questioned by Emily’s father on his feelings about 9/11, he quips that it was terrible, adding that “we lost 19 good men that day.”  Rebelling at his parent’s shame at him not dating the woman of their choice he asks them, “if you wanted me to marry a Pakistani woman why did you bring me to America?”  Nanjiani shows great promise as an actor and a writer.  Kazan and Hunter are fine and Romano acquits himself well in a fairly dramatic role.   Also special are the behind the scene looks at the lives of a standup comedian.  Featured are Kumail and three fellow up and coming funny people, each with positive and negative things going for them.  

As summer comes to an end you may be looking for something a little calmer than a killer clown to relax with.  You can’t go wrong by taking a fun and romantic journey with Kumail and Emily.  I think you’ll like them.


Video:  The film is presented in its original 1:85.1 aspect ratio and it’s images reflect it’s tone.  Scenes with Kumail’s family are quite bright while scenes in the comedy club are rather darkly lit.

Audio:  The soundtrack is presented in DTS HD Master Audio 5.1 and is sharp and clear..  

Cast and Filmmaker Commentary:  a well-crafted commentary track from one of the film’s producers, Barry Mendel, director Michael Showalter star/co-writer Kumail Nanjiani and co-writer Emily Gordon.

A Personal Journey:  The Making of “The Big Sick” (14:50):  a nice bit featuring interviews with cast and crew.

The Real Story (7:11):  Nanjiani and Gordon discuss the real story that inspired the film.

2017 SXSW Film Festival Panel (11:32):  From this past March, featuring Mendel, Nanjiani, Gordon and Judd Apatow.

“The Big Sick:” The Other Stuff (3:48):  Outtakes and bloopers.

Deleted Scenes (10:06):  Short bits, some funny, but nothing that effected the film story-wise.

The Bigger Sick: Stick Around for More Laughs (10:25):  A mini documentary covering the film’s press tour.



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