Bill Hader, Anna Faris and Eliza Dushku in the lead to star in Ghostbusters 3

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

Dan Aykroyd has confirmed that Bill Hader and Anna Faris are “strong possibilities” to star in the upcoming film GHOSTBUSTERS 3, but Eliza Dushku is in the mix as well. There was a recent rumor that Bill Hader and Will Forte (MACGRUBER)  could have played a “younger generation” of Ghostbusters with Bill Murray, Dan Akyroyd and Harold Ramis to play their mentors, but that rumor has been unconfirmed and there is not even a confirmation that the script is finished.

Awhile back we posted a story that Sigourney Weaver was going to take a part in the next installment of GHOSTBUSTERS and in an interview she did, she let loose a couple of potential spoilers-you can check out that Sigourney Weaver story here. As of now, there is no final script, no final casting and no director but they are hoping to begin shooting next Spring.

Anna Faris, Bill Hader and Eliza Dushku

Source: The Playlist

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