Bill Hader says script is finished for Les Grossman film starring Tom Cruise in a fat suit

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

The 2008 film TROPIC THUNDER was one of those films that was decent but had a small re-watch ability factor for me. The one good thing to come of it was Les Grossman, aka Tom Cruise in a fat suit. The foul-mouthed, balding and money centric studio head produced the most laughs from me and when Les “produced” the MTV movie awards I was rolling. However, a three-minute clip and ten-minute role in a film a spin-off does not make, although Bill Hader (who played Les’s assistant) has a different opinion. According to Hader, the script for the spin-off is complete and Hader says it’s pretty funny. No specific details, but Hader seems to pick fairly funny films to be apart of so I have some faith. So now it comes to the problems of scheduling. Tom Cruise has a couple of big projects coming up, specifically ROCK OF AGES and another potential thriller in HORIZONS- so we may not see Mr. Grossman for awhile, but we will probably see him again.

les grossman

Source: MTV

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