Bill McKay planning new religious film aimed at Christian audiences

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

Independent producer Bill McKay will begin shooting the film THE RESURRECTION OF CHRIST in July with a planned release on Easter of 2011.  The movie will focus on the players involved in the crucifixion of Christ as well as the story of Jesus.  The film will remain true to the events that took place in the Bible as well as the historical elements of that time.  Producers and directors are looking at making a film that will have more of an audience “crossover” than movies in the past.

Bill McKay is wise to independently finance a Christian themed film as there’s been a proven success with THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST and most recently, FIREPROOF.  Hollywood still seems to shy away from them, so the Christian audience is still untapped.  Any semi-quality film with a Christian theme will do well and doing it independently is usually a safe financial investment.  The question, however, is whether or not McKay will make a quality film, or just rely on its religious message to sell tickets.

Source: Variety

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