Bill Murray being pursued to play former president Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

Bill Murray is a tough guy to pin down and get an answer from (well, when it comes to committing to films that is). He’s the sole reason that GHOSTBUSTERS 3 hasn’t moved forward and could potentially be a reason that another project may not get off the ground. Focus Features is trying to convince Mr. Murray to take on the role of Franklin Delano Roosevelt in a film called HYDE PARK ON THE HUDSON, which is described as a plot “that covers his foibles–including an affair between Roosevelt and his distant cousin Daisy–all of which play out during a visit from the King and Queen of England to FDR’s upstate New York home before the start of WWII.” HYDE PARK ON THE HUDSON will be directed by Roger Mitchell and it looks like the only hold up is Murray and according to sources, as soon as he says go the project will leap forward. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how this plays out, as Murray isn’t signed with an agency and all projects go through him or his lawyer.

I think Bill Murray could be considered a national treasure, and as far as I’m concerned he can take his sweet time with whatever project he wants. As long as he has friends that convince him to do cameos here and there (thanks Woody Harrelson- we know you were the one who got him to do ZOMBIELAND) I’m perfectly fine with waiting for his next big project.

Bill Murray

Source: Deadline

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