Billy Bob Thornton coming back for Bad Santa 2

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

Billy Bob Thornton mentioned late last year that he was more than willing to do a sequel to his dark comedy BAD SANTA and it looks like BAD SANTA 2 will be moving forward. The details still need to be hammered out but it looks like the Weinstein Company will be the ones behind the black curtain moving this along. We still don’t know if any of the other cast or even the director will be coming back, but stay on the look out because it is on the horizon.

I actually hated BAD SANTA and the thought of a sequel is a little disgusting. I don’t find that sort of comedy amusing and I don’t really like Billy Bob Thornton that much either. I also don’t think that a sequel will do as well as the original because back then it was an anomaly and these types of raunchy films are a dime a dozen now, but maybe they’ll come up with something new and crazy and I’ll be wrong.

Billy Bob Thornton in Bad Santa

Source: The Wrap

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