Billy Zane to write, direct and star in Photismos

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

Billy Zane.  I could see Zane reaching a semi-iconic status like Chuck Norris someday where everyone uses him as a punch-line, but people aren’t really making fun of him.  In some ways, Zane is used as a punch-line nowadays, but it’s usually in a demeaning manner and I can’t imagine Zane is laughing.  But Zane is set to take his patented over-acting style to Greece, where he’s going to be making a film that he co-wrote and will produce, direct and star in.  While sitting on the jury of the 6th Eurasia International Film Festival, Billy Zane said the movie will be called PHOTISMOS and would be an homage of sorts to his Greek heritage.

The film will look at the relationship that develops between a man and his uncle and will deal with “philosophy, theology, Pythagoras’ theories, geometry….and Frisbees,” said Zane.  This might just be an excuse for Zane to spend three months in Greece on someone else’s dime, but you have to admire his ambition to deal with so many themes.

Billy Zane

Source: Variety

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