Birdman has the most Golden Globe nominations while Unbroken gets snubbed

The Golden Globes are a joke anyway, but a few years ago, they nominated Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp for THE TOURIST and it was clear the only reason they got nominations was because they really wanted the star power at the awards ceremony.  So it has to be a little frustrating for Angelina Jolie that when she does an award-worthy film that’s clearly one of the best of the year, she doesn’t get any recognition.  Hopefully, that will change in a big way when the Oscar nominations come out.  But the big winner after today’s Golden Globe nominations was BIRDMAN, which led the way with seven nominations, including Best Picture – Drama.  The other big winners today were BOYHOOD and FOXCATCHER, which are picking up steam as we get closer to the Oscars, which are actually respected.

Aside from the glaring omission of UNBROKEN, nothing else really stands out as being surprising to me.  BOYHOOD, THE IMITATION GAME and THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING were heavily buzzed coming in and seem to be keeping that momentum.  BOYHOOD and BIRDMAN have won some coveted critics awards, so I would think they have to be the Oscar frontrunners right now.

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