Birdman and The Grand Budapest Hotel lead the 2015 Oscar nominations

Today is a big day for all of you that love the Oscars.  After months of speculation and hype, we finally know who’s really in contention for a coveted Oscar.  The list of nominees isn’t too earth shattering and they’re actually pretty predictable.  BIRDMAN and THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL lead the way with 9 nominations a piece.  There are some confusing nominations, such as Marion Cotillard getting a nominations for TWO DAYS, ONE NIGHT, but the film didn’t get a nomination in the Best Foreign Film category.  Some people might be surprised to see SELMA only grab a couple of nominations, but I imagine the late release and poor marketing really hurt SELMA’s campaign.

I am really excited to see WHIPLASH get a Best Picture nomination.  I doubt it has any chance to win, but I’m hoping the nomination will put a spotlight on one of the best films of the year.  I’m a little sickened to see Meryl Streep get a nomination for INTO THE WOODS.  I think the Academy is embarrassing itself by nominating her for everything she does.  We’ll have plenty of analysis and predictions later, but for now, check out the complete list of nominees.

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