Blake Lively and Chloe Moretz look a little rough in red band trailer for Hick

Blake Lively and Chloe Moretz in trailer for Hick

A new red band trailer for HICK has been released and I honestly don’t know what to think about it even though I’ve watched it twice. It’s hard to tell whether or not the whole concept of Blake Lively and Chloe Moretz looking white trash while apparently on the run will work, but we’ll see next month. I don’t predict any significant box office success, but this may be one of those critically acclaimed films that takes you by surprise.

HICK is directed by Derick Martini and is based on the coming-of-age novel by Andrea Portes’. It follows Luli (Chloe Moretz), a young teenager from Nebraska who runs away from her home and abusive parents. Along the way she meets up with Glenda (Blake Lively) who from the looks of it leads a pretty gritty life herself. Glenda takes young Luli under her wing and together they appear to get in and out of trouble with some guy named Eddie (played by Eddie Redmayne from MY WEEK WITH MARILYN). HICK opens in theaters on May 11th, 2012 but will available on UltraVOD on May 8th if you can’t wait for the weekend.

Blake Lively is really starting to find her groove in Hollywood and she seems to be picking some pretty good roles. I’m not sure HICK necessarily falls into this category, but it is good that Blake Lively is stepping out of her Gossip Girl comfort zone. With her upcoming film SAVAGES from director Oliver Stone, we may see Blake Lively in more high profile roles. Though it’s going to be tough since she has a lot of competition in her age bracket. Sadly most roles that are available for Blake Lively may be given to Jennifer Lawrence, but I think that may change in the next year or so. Watch the trailer for HICK below.

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