The Boss Blu-ray Review

THE BOSS follows Michelle Darnell (McCarthy) who is a big time business mogul that has a personality as big as her bank account. When she is busted for insider trading and loses everything, she turns to her former assistant Claire (Kristen Bell) for a little help and a place to stay. During reentry into the world, Michelle finds herself at a Dandelion (think Girl Scouts) meeting where she is shocked to discover the potential earnings that have yet to be tapped by anyone. She decides to take the scouting world by storm with the help of Claire’s secret brownie recipe. Though her past and personality thwart any true happiness and satisfaction she’s seeking, she manages to make things right and redeem herself all through a series of comedic encounters.

The Boss

THE BOSS is a pretty standard comedy that follows a very predictable formula. An over the top character gets smacked down by some kind of enemy/frenemy, in this case Peter Dinklage, the character falls from grace, has to learn something major about themselves and most likely get help from an outside source and then manages to come back on top a better person and with a better perspective, finding redemption by the end of the film. It’s been done many times before (my personal favorite being TALLADEGA NIGHTS) and it works. If done right it’s also a movie that you can count on when you are in desperate need of a pick me up.  However, “work” is not necessarily an endorsement and the film is only as funny as it is because of Melissa McCarthy.

The Boss

As always, Melissa McCarthy does an excellent job and has found yet another role that she excels at. When you watch the scene with the Dandelion/Darling street fight you will know what I’m talking about. She’s become such a dominant presence in the Hollywood comedy section, for which I’m grateful for. There’s something about her that seems very relatable which is probably why she is so popular. Plus her comedic timing is pretty fantastic. The film is also enhanced by the supporting cast of Kristen Bell and Peter Dinklage, both of which are always great. In fact, more Peter Dinklage would have been nice but it’s possible he would have just stolen the spotlight.

The Boss

As fun as these formulaic comedies can be, that also happens to be their downfall. There is nothing terribly original in THE BOSS which could be considered a deterrent. Originality is tough to come by in Hollywood, and THE BOSS definitely doesn’t break any new ground. There is nothing that really truly stands out in THE BOSS but it’s a fun film and easy to watch without too many slow spots to drag the movie down. I can definitely see myself coming back to it from time to time, it’s always nice to have another solid comedy to put into the rotation.


Video: This is a fine video presentation from Universal.

Audio: No complaints on the audio.

Alternate Ending (1:59), Deleted Scenes (14:10), Extended/Alternate Scenes (16:15):  I lumped these together because they kind of all run together and are almost indistinguishable from one another or from what’s in the movie.

Michelle Darnell: Original Sketch (7:25) This is from The Groundlings where Melissa McCarthy first introduces us to the character of Michelle Darnell.

Origin Story (7:16) This featurette is a look at the character of Michelle Darnell and how she evolved to the big screen. Some good interviews with Melissa McCarthy,director Ben Falcone and writer Steve Mallory.

Peter Dinklage Gets to the Point (8:41) A nice little interview with Peter Dinklage as well as some of the other cast and crew.

Everybody Loves Kristen Bell (6:50) This is a piece about Kristen Bell’s character. It’s a bit of a fluff piece, but still fairly interesting, but that may be because I’m a big Kristen Bell fan!

Gag Reel (3:54)


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