Boyhood wins big at the 2015 Golden Globes

Aside from a more humorous broadcast, perhaps the best part about the Golden Globes is using their winners as a sign for which movies might become frontrunners for the Oscars.  A Golden Globe win doesn’t always translate to an Oscar win, but it’s fun to try and put all the pieces together and make some predictions.  If we’re going to use these Golden Globe winners as a sign, then BOYHOOD looks poised for Oscar glory.  The Richard Linklater film took home Best Motion Picture – Drama, Best Director for Richard Linklater and Best Actress for Patricia Arquette.  That’s quite a haul for the small film.  The rest of the winners were pretty much expected, with the possible exception of THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL taking home Best Motion Picture – Comedy or Musical.  Since BIRDMAN won Best Actor and Best Screenplay, I’m a little surprised by Wes Anderson’s film taking home best picture.

On the TV front, it was a good day for Amazon, which saw their series ‘Transparent’ take home a couple of big awards.  Kevin Spacey won Best Actor for his work in ‘House of Cards’ and somehow, ‘The Affair’ took home Best TV Series, beating out ‘House of Cards’ and ‘Game of Thrones’.  How that’s a better show than ‘Game of Thrones’ is anyone’s guess, but that just goes to show you can’t put too much credibility into the Golden Globes.  Check out all of our winners on Page 2.

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