Brad Bird will direct Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible IV

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

I really love that the Mission Impossible movies are always new, fresh takes and they never recycle storylines or directors.  It looks like M:I4 is taking an even sharper turn for the “different” as they’ve hired Brad Bird to helm the film.  Brad Bird has some amazing movies on his resume, including THE INCREDIBLES, RATATOUILLE and IRON GIANT.  You may have noticed that all of those films are animated, so Bird taking on Tom Cruise and Mission Impossible is going to be quite a deviation from what he’s used to.  If Cruise pisses him off, it’s not like he can turn his pencil upside down and erase him.

But I do like the choice and it should make for an interesting film.  I hope they get him to take part in writing the script as well as that would add even more intrigue into the film.  M:I4 was recently pushed from a May, 2011 release to a December, 2011 release.

Brad Bird

Source: Empire

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