Brad Pitt is circling the religious epic Pontius Pilate

Brad Pitt

As much as I like Brad Pitt, I sometimes get frustrated writing stories about projects he’s attached to because it seems like he attaches himself to every project out there, but doesn’t always sign on the dotted line when it counts.  So if you’re a huge Brad Pitt fan and a huge fan of religious epics, then take this news with the proper amount of skepticism.  Brad Pitt has attached himself to the extremely ambitious epic PONTIUS PILATE.  The script was written by Vera Blasi and is described as a BRAVEHEART-esque epic and follows the lead character, Pontius, as he goes from a hero soldier/warrior to a fast rising politician.  That would be fine, but the fun doesn’t stop there.  Pontius ends up in Judea and decides the fate of Jesus (yes, that Jesus).  Numerous Biblical and historical figures show up, including Calicula, Tiberius, Mary Mgdalene, King Herod, Caiaphas and John The Baptist.

Biblical and religious themed movies are a gamble and I’m surprised Brad Pitt would attach himself to something like this given his history with failed epics (TROY), recent box office struggles (KILLING THEM SOFTLY) and high risk upcoming blockbusters (WORLD WAR Z).  I would think Pitt would be anxious to get something a little more “safe” and not something that might see your local church organize pickets for.  But regardless of his struggles, he’s still Brad Pitt and most of his fans will see him in anything.  Of course, no director or other stars are attached yet, but if Brad Pitt is serious about it, Warner Bros. could get a director on it quickly.  (Deadline)

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