Brad Pitt is joining Michael Fassbender and Steve McQueen for Twelve Years A Slave

Posted by: Zack Bruce

Although Michael Fassbender has been around for a bit now, I really think that all the attention he’s been receiving his well deserved. Lately he’s been making some great headway by pairing up with director Steve McQueen for films like HUNGER and SHAME.

Recently we got news that the pair would be teaming again for TWELVE YEARS A SLAVE. Chiwetel Ejiofor joins as the lead in a true story about a free black man who was tricked into slavery. Educated, married and living in New York, Northup was lured by a job offer in Washington only to be kidnapped and put in a slave pen, leading to years of enslavement under various owners. He finally earned back his freedom when a white Canadian carpenter who opposed slavery smuggled letters to Northup’s wife, which helped launch a court case that eventually set him free.

It looks like Brad Pitt will be getting in on the action as well. His production company, Plan B has been involved with the production for awhile but it looks like the actor is going to star with Ejiofor and Fassbender. There was a confirmation on the project from Plan B, however they did not offer any other details.

Brad Pitt

Source: ScreenDaily

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