Brad Pitt to take a break from acting in the near future

Posted by: Zack Bruce

To say that Brad Pitt is all together quitting the acting game in three years is a little silly in my opinion. When asked during an interview with 60 Minutes on how much longer the actor would like to stay in the business, he answered by saying three years. The interviewer, probably baffled, then replied by questioning what he would be doing after those three years. Pitt answered with an “I don’t know” then went on to say that he was really enjoying the producing and development side of doing projects. In an updated interview with The Daily Telegraph, Pitt said that three years wasn’t an exact time but he could feel it coming.

It’s not unnatural for a star like Pitt to go behind the camera for a little while. Robert Redford did it, as well as Clint Eastwood but they eventually got back in front of the camera at some point. Pitt would also like to spend some more time with his family which as large as it is, is completely understandable. When you have a big family like that, the more time you have the better.

Pitt can be seen next in the adaptation of Max Brooks’ WORLD WAR Z. He didn’t give any details on that but said his kids enjoyed that type of film more than one like MONEYBALL.

Brad Pitt

Source: Deadline, Daily Telegraph

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