Brad Pitt wanted to free hostages in The Mission for David O. Russell

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

Remember the 1986 film THE MISSION, starring Robert De Niro and Jeremy Irons?  Remember several years ago when there was a rumor that Brad Pitt was going to be taking over the Mission Impossible franchise from Tom Cruise?  Well, this story has nothing to do with either of those things, but I’m glad you have a good memory.  This story is actually about the Colombian hostage film THE MISSION, which is based off the story of a rescue mission planned over the course of six years by covert American and Colombian operatives to free 15 hostages from the Colombian jungle.  The group of hostages included three Americans and former Colombian Presidential candidate.  The script for the film was written by Peter Landesman (TRADE).

Warner Brothers also want David O. Russell as director, but this would just be one of the many films the director has been attached to since THE FIGHTER.  As with anything that hasn’t been officially signed, this project could fall apart at any moment, but if WB get their way, Pitt will star and Russell will direct.

Brad Pitt

Source: Deadline

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