Bradley Cooper backs out of The Crow reboot

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

Bradley Cooper has thankfully exited the upcoming reboot of THE CROW from director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo. We thought this was a really good idea a couple of months ago when we wrote “Bradley Cooper should stay away from The Crow reboot“. I’d like to think Mr. Cooper took our advice when he came to this decision, but he may not have gotten the chance to read the article.

Anyway, Mr. Cooper has moved on due to scheduling conflicts with the upcoming David O. Russell film THE SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK, and the part is now fair game again. It looks like two names have been thrown out as possible replacements in the form or Mark Wahlberg and Channing Tataum. You may recall that Mark Wahlberg left the David O. Russell film due to scheduling conflicts, so that would be a little weird if he just switched places with Cooper in this film. However, I like to think that both Wahlberg and Tatum are clever enough to pass on this role, leaving it open for a no name actor.

This all may be a mute point for awhile as there are issues with the distribution rights to the film, and who knows how long that could take. For those unfamiliar with the original film or graphic novel, THE CROW follows the story of a young musician who is murdered while trying to save his fiancée from a gang of thugs. With the help of some supernatural forces he comes back from the dead to exact his revenge on those who killed him and his love. The role was originally played by the late Brandon Lee.

Bradley Cooper

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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