Bradley Cooper is in talks to join Emma Stone in Cameron Crowe's next film

Bradley Cooper

A couple of months ago, Cameron Crowe interviewed Emma Stone (click the link to read the article) for a magazine article and it was clear from their interview that they had a great rapport, making me even more excited for one of my favorite young actresses to team up with one of my favorite directors.  But Emma Stone was only half the equation and after a long search, it looks like Cameron Crowe has chosen Bradley Cooper to join Emma Stone in the film.  Bradley Cooper is currently in talks to star in Cameron Crowe’s latest and is expected to sign on, although technically nothing is official just yet.

We don’t know what the film will be about or even what it’s called at this point, but with Cameron Crowe directing a script he wrote with Emma Stone and Bradley Cooper set to star, it’s hard not to be super excited for this film.  Crowe seems to be at his best with movies he also writes from his own ideas (ALMOST FAMOUS, SAY ANYTHING, etc.), so I’m anxious to see him back in form.  As or adding Bradley Cooper, the guy is taking on some great roles and if he gets some Oscar love for THE SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK, he’ll be on top of the world.  Shooting on Cameron Crowe’s latest should start soon. (Deadline)

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