Bradley Cooper is set for a Dark Invasion

Bradley Cooper

Is it safe to say that Bradley Cooper has officially achieved A-list status?  He’s the main star in a blockbuster franchise (THE HANGOVER), he’s carried his own movie with ease (LIMITLESS) and now has an Oscar nomination under his belt for his work in SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK.  He’s also one of the most sought after actors in town, so yeah, I think he can be considered an A-lister.  Next up for the newly crowned A-lister is a starring role in the WWI set DARK INVASION.

The film is based off an as-yet uncompleted book from Howard Blum and is a true story of NYPD Captain Tom Tunney, who led a group of cops to track down German spies in America in 1915.  The spies were responsible for all kinds of havoc, including building an anthrax lab, bombings, assassination attempts and more.  The project is in the very early stages of development and still needs minor things like a director, co-stars, finished script, etc.  But with Bradley Cooper attached, expect this one to be pushed through by Warner Bros. (Deadline)

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