Bradley Cooper looks tough in a new image from The Place Beyond the Pines

Posted by: Zack Bruce

Anyone get a feeling of déjà vu? Maybe it’s because I just wrote about Bradley Cooper and here he is again. I’ve already give my thoughts on the actor so let’s just focus on this new photo.

Last Friday I posted Ryan Gosling in a first look at THE PLACE BEYOND THE PINES. The film comes to us from director Derek Cianfrance (BLUE VALENTINE) about a motorcycle stunt rider (Gosling) who decides to rob banks in order to support his son. A cop turned politician (Cooper) is on the hunt to bring him down. I wonder how Cooper and Gosling will play off each other. I have a feeling like Gosling will still look like the hero whether he’s robbing banks or not.

We get our first peek at Cooper in his cop uniform chasing someone down. For now I’ll just have to assume that it’s Gosling’s character. Cianfrance shows some real promise so this should turn out to be something worth while.

The Place Beyond the Pines

Source: IndieWire

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