Bradley Cooper really wants to play Lucifer in Paradise Lost

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

Bradley Cooper has been chomping at the bit to play Lucifer in Alex Proyas’s film PARADISE LOST, based off the poem by the 17th Century English poet John Milton.  The “poem” is actually 12 books and covers a variety of different topics, but the focus is on the fall of man.  However, summing it up into a simple sentence doesn’t do the poem justice and really, it’s a complex look at everything religious and I have no idea how Proyas is going to turn it into a film.  When Cooper was out pimping THE HANGOVER PART II with Charlie Rose, he mentioned how he convinced Proyas to give him the part, which included making an audition tape in his kitchen.

“And it really wasn’t until I was in my kitchen, reading the lines—which is almost in verse…you have to do a sort of mid-Atlantic accent and you’re playing Lucifer in this very imaginative environment—and honestly Charlie, in my kitchen it just happened. I just found it…So we just emailed it and then Proyas emailed me back, ‘Satan lives!’ That was the hook for me, that experience in my kitchen. And if we do get to do the movie, that will give me the confidence to go anywhere with that character.” You can watch the entire interview at  This should be a great weekend for Bradley Cooper since THE HANGOVER PART II is already projected to make over $130 million at the box office this weekend.

Bradley Cooper

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