Bradley Cooper wants to play Lance Armstrong in J.J. Abrams' planned film

Bradley Cooper

Hopefully, nothing about that title surprises you.  By now, you know that Hollywood jumps on fascinating, tragic, human stories at a lightning fast pace and no sports figure in recent memory has been more fascinating (in an awful way) than Lance Armstrong.  So of course they’re going to make a movie about him.  You should also know that portraying a real life character in a quality movie is usually considered a very juicy role for most actors and after flexing his acting muscle in SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK, Bradley Cooper is probably looking for another role to sink his teeth into.

Shortly after Lance Armstrong finally admitted to doping through all of his Tour de France wins, it was revealed that J.J. Abrams (the busiest man in Hollywood) picked up the rights to Juliet Macur’s upcoming book ‘Cycle of Lies: The Fall of Lance Armstrong.’  As you may recall, Bradley Cooper got his big break as a co-star on J.J. Abrams’ hit TV show ‘Alias’, so he already has an inside track to the gig.  While speaking at the Producer’s Guild Awards, J.J. Abrams confirmed that Bradley Cooper has sent him a few emails and they’ve been talking and Cooper also told BBC that he “would be interested in playing Armstrong. I think he’s fascinating. What a fascinating character.”  Of course, nothing is finalized and right now, it’s just a lofty dream for Bradley Cooper.  But the casting makes sense to me.  (ET)

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