Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston will play bad guy in Total Recall remake

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

Casting continues for the remake of TOTAL RECALL in which Colin Farrell is set to star and today we learn that Bryan Cranston (AMC’s BREAKING BAD and THE LINCOLN LAWYER) is in negotiations to play Vilos Cohaagen. Now lets back up, in the original 1990 version of TOTAL RECALL the film followed Douglas Quaid/Hauser (Arnold Schwartzenegger) who took virtual vacations to Mars only to discover that he was a secret agent who actually ends up on Mars to overthrow a ruler who is hoarding air. In this reboot the film follows Quaid (Farrell) who is a factory worker in the Euroamerica, which is one of two nation of states the other being New Shanghai. Quaid starts to believe he is a spy, but he’s not sure which side he is on. Vilos Cohaagen is the leader of Euroamerica who instead of being an ally and protecting his people, is really planning on invading New Shanghai. Does that make sense? I’m sure there are more twists and turns but that’s the gist of it. I already like the original better.

Still no word on which actresses are still in the running for the two female leads in TOTAL RECALL but we’ll let you know.

Bryan Cranston

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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