Brendan Fraser and Kristin Scott Thomas team up for Seconds of Pleasure

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

Back in the day when THE MUMMY franchise was in full swing, I was a fan of Brendan Fraser and defended him as a decent actor who just took some crappy roles occasionally. Rest assured that I have changed my mind, because all he does anymore is take pretty crappy roles.  So when I heard he was going to team up with Kristin Scott Thomas, and potentially Colin Firth and Ed Harris (these two are still in negotiations), for a drama called SECONDS OF PLEASURE, I was intrigued.  The only hiccup is that they are working with director Neil LaBute, who on one hand gave us the awesome film in THE SHAPE OF THINGS, but on the other hand gave us bombs like THE WICKER MAN and DEATH AT A FUNERAL. So I’m up in the air as to whether or not this will be good, or if Kristin Scott Thomas will just be attached to a bomb.

SECONDS OF PLEASURE should start shooting in the United Kingdom sometime in early spring.

Brendan Fraser and Kristin Scott Thomas

Source: Deadline, The Playlist

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