Brendan Fraser set to star in Whole Lotta Sole

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

Brendan Fraser will star in the upcoming fish heist comedy WHOLE LOTTA SOLE to be directed by Terry George (RESERVATION ROAD and HOTEL RWANDA). What is a “fish heist comedy” you ask? Here goes, the story follows a young man who is up to his neck in gambling debts and decides to rob a fish store, fish stores are commonly known as being safe houses for keeping large amounts of cash- well, at least in this world. The fish store owner (Brendan Fraser) becomes a hostage in the situation, however on the side his father-in-law is also a gangster who is after him so he has troubles of his own. Through all this hilarity ensues…maybe. The film will be shot in Northern Ireland and will have a small budget of just $5.5 million, so don’t expect any talking fish (thank goodness).

I’m officially done defending Brendan Fraser. For the longest time I’ve been an advocate for him, explaining that he’s just been taking these crappy roles for his kids or nieces and nephews but I can go on no longer. Any film that has a pun in the title ruins it for me. Sorry Mr. Fraser, you’ll have to do another film in THE MUMMY franchise to woo me back and even then the possibility is low.

Brendan Fraser

Source: Variety

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