Brett Ratner will be producing The Academy Awards for 2012

Posted by: Zack Bruce

In a weird twist of events, Brett Ratner was asked to produce The Academy Awards next year. Maybe they did it because of the possibility that the world might end? Okay, that’s not the real reason but what a random choice.

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences President Tom Sherak announced the news yesterday. This is what he had to say on the Ratner choice, “I was so impressed with Brett when I met with him to discuss the Oscar show. He has an incredible love of film and its history and is a true student of the business of movies. He’s unbelievably creative and knows how to take risks that are both interesting and inspiring. Together with Don Mischer – who, by the way, just earned an Emmy nomination for his work on the 83rd Academy Awards – I think these two will give us a fantastic Oscar show that you won’t want to miss.”

Ratner relayed his enthusiasm for the opportunity, “Making movies has been my dream since childhood, and I’ve been fortunate enough to have made several, but the Oscar show is in a league of its own. It will be fantastic to work with a live television master like Don to meld the glamour of legendary Hollywood with the enormous talents who thrill moviegoers today.”

Co-producer Mischer is excited to work with Ratner as well, “The Academy Awards are in a class by themselves, and I’m elated that the Academy has asked me to return. I hope to take the wealth of knowledge I now have about the Oscars, which is a completely unique kind of show, and work with Brett to create an evening that is fast-paced, fun, and memorable to movie fans and Oscar fans everywhere.”

Brett Ratner

Source: MovieLine

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