Brie Larson joins Dexter’s Michael C. Hall in East Fifth Bliss

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

Showtime’s ‘Dexter’ is by far and away one of my favorite shows on television.  Michael C. Hall embodies that character perfectly and maybe so much so that audiences can’t accept him in anything else.  But he’s going to give it a shot in the upcoming film EAST FIFTH BLISS.  The indie comedy is about a middle-aged man that starts a relationship with the teenage daughter of a former high school classmate.  Obviously, things don’t go well.  Brie Larson and Lucy Liu have just recently joined the cast.

The film sounds a little similar to the Michael Caine film BLAME IT ON RIO (hopefully not as awkward), but especially similar to THE ORANGES, which we just heard about.  I’ll give Hall a shot in this, but if I can’t shake the feeling he’s about to brutally kill someone, I’ll have to walk out.

Brie Larson

Source: Variety

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