Bruce Willis and 50 Cent may team up for Set Up

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

Bruce Willis is currently in talks to star in the upcoming heist film entitled SET UP.  He will star alongside Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson in the action film that will be directed by Mike Gunther.  This appears to be Gunthers first foray into directing full-length films, his past projects include videos, shorts and TV movies.  Paul Walker has been in talks for this film for some time as well, but there is nothing permanent as of yet.  SET UP revolves around a group of friends that are flung into a “diamond heist that turns deadly.”

This just sounds like a rumor to me.  I can’t imagine Bruce Willis would do something so mediocre as this sounds, unless he is doing a favor for a friend, it just sounds a little beneath him. Although with him attached it could improve the film by one star rating and help Curtis Jackson’s film career.

Bruce Willis


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